By telephone:

Repair reporting procedure will vary depending on your Landlord. Please contact your designated maintenance officer to directly report your repair or if you report through Northwest Housing Services please call 0151 726 2222.

If you are unsure on the correct reporting method please call us and we will be happy to let you know.

By email:

None urgent repairs can be reported by email

Ensure that you include your name, address, contact details and as much detail regarding the repair as possible.

Please note this method is NOT suitable for emergency repairs which should be made by telephone immediately!


Repairs priority categories

Before works orders are issued to contractors, repairs are assigned to a priority category depending on the urgency of the repair. Examples are provided below:

Emergency Repairs (to be completed within 24 hours)

Gas leak
Burst water pipe
Serious roof leak (subject to safe access)
Serious electrical fault
Blocked WC (where there is no alternative WC)
Securing premises after a break-in

Urgent Repairs (to be completed within five calendar days)

Minor plumbing leak
Overflow discharging
Minor electrical fault
Faulty exterior lighting
Blocked WC (where there is an alternative WC)
Loose banister or stair tread
Re-glazing after break-in


Routine Repairs (to be completed within 28 calendar days)

Repair to kitchen unit
Easing internal door
Defective floor tiles (with no trip hazard)
Repair to plasterwork
Leaking gutter
Re-fixing bath panel